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We appreciate all of you so much and a big thank you for braving the cold and snow to come in. You are the reason we are here everyday and we are grateful for each and every one of you. For the month of February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we are asking you to “Share your Love for FHFC” and tell us how we’re doing.

Group swim lessons are in full swing at our Chesterton location! These lessons are designed to teach water skills while developing mental and physical well-being. All levels of swim promote personal safety, stroke development and personal growth.

Our 2022 donation numbers have been tallied and once again Franciscan Health Fitness Centers Chesterton Staff and Members alike have shown how dedicated they are to improving the lives of other in our  community. Your generosity is boundless and so very appreciated!

Low back pain can result from an acute injury or from chronic overuse that leads to arthritis. This, in turn, can break down the fluid-filled disks in your spine that act as shock absorbers. Whatever the cause, there are some practices you can do to strengthen your back and keep lower back pain at bay.

What’s all the excitement? Have you seen our Myzone Leader board? It is a ranking of the Top 20 participants for the most MEPs earned in the month. Are you on the board? 

Are you curious about habits of happy people? Do you have some of the same habits? Would you like to have more of them? A great deal of happiness is within your control and here are a few pointers on how to work toward your "happy".

Our Social Challenge during the month of January is to stop by our Post-It Note Board to create your weekly goals. And, as you chalk up those successes, keep those good habits as part of the new, better you. By month's end, you'll have accrued some great new healthier habits!

Here are the 5 health numbers everyone should know and share with their doctor - Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Body Weight and Waist Size. Our convenient in-house health screenings can put some of these important numbers (and more) at your fingertips!

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