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Knowing what to eat before and after exercise can be a minefield. We are all individuals and what makes us thrive is dependent on our many unique factors. Trying different options, listening to our bodies and finding what is right for us is key to feeling energized and getting the most out of our workouts.

Vitamin D has been considered an important nutrient for many years. Recently, there has been a lot of research into it due to its possible role in protecting people from the effects of COVID-19. 

Which type of yogurt is your family’s “go-to”? Even with so many flavor, texture and brand choices, one thing is clear – yogurt is good for you!

Is there anything more refreshing than the smell and taste of a freshly squeezed lemon? Used for everything from cooking to cleaning, lemons can also be used to give drinks more flavor. 

The added sugars in the foods we are eating can turn a normally healthy food into a not so healthy food! Added sugars are different than sugars from fruits and dairy products, because added sugars are added to our food and come with calories, but minimal nutrition. The nutrition facts label is changing, and the new label will list total sugars and added sugars, so you know how much is natural versus added. 

 They can help us lower our calorie intake and reduce our risk of heart disease, stroke and protect us from certain cancers when eaten as part of an overall healthy diet. It is important to find fruits and vegetables we enjoy and eat a variety, because each fruit and vegetable has a unique nutritional profile.

Why eat whole grains? Whole grains are packed with nutrients like protein, fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and minerals. 

Why meal plan? Meal planning is a great place to start improving your food choices. When we plan out our week and make healthy foods and recipes available and ready to eat when we are hungry, it can help us avoid the fast-food line, and it can improve our overall diet quality. 

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